Sucess Stories

Biju Chacko

I am Biju, Im Studied at KCSM,Revit course completed, Now am working in Saudi Arabia in the same field. I am very proud of kcsm.

Rahul Reveendra Nath

I am Rahul Reveendra Nath, Im Studied at KCSM Adoor Centre,Master in Animation Engg. course completed, Now am working in Tattava Animation Studio, Banglor as Art Director/Creative Concept Artist. Vist link:

Sijy Varghese

I have been working in the Animation/VFX industry for the past 4 years in Toronto Canada. During which, I wore several professional hats, some of them being a 3D Animator, 2D Animator, Designer, Concept Artist, Illustrator and Compositor (both 2D and 3D). I was blessed enough to be working with a team on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster movies. My name even appeared in the credits of War for the Planet of the Apes and Blade Runner 2049. But let me start from the beginning.......\r\n\r\nMy journey began about 10 years ago. Animation has always been a fascination to me. However I always took this as a passing fancy and not something that I would dedicate my career to. It wasn’t until I joined KCSM that I finally saw Animation as a calling.\r\nUpon receiving my Diploma in Multimedia and Web Engineering from KCSM, and then flew over to Canada to finish a 3 year Animation Advanced Diploma program. Whilst a student, I had enough knowledge from my prior courses to be able to tutor my peers. The college even hired me as a peer tutor for the Animation program. During graduation I was picked as the highest ranking graduate in my class. Now having sufficient knowledge, I was able to get a job in a studio quickly. And have been able to keep a job in the Industry. \r\n\r\nKCSM (Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission) has taught me the foundations and techniques that I still use to this day. I encourage everyone to take advantage of KCSM’s Autodesk Maya course. If you can master the mammoth of a software called Maya, then you won’t have trouble landing a job anywhere in the Industry. Everyone is looking for a Maya Master (#beamayamaster).\r\n\r\nOf course, working in a studio on someone else’s projects is not necessarily for everyone. For the mavericks out there, I applaud you. We need more independent animation film makers in Kerala and India. I have worked on two personal projects, alongside my studio work this year.\r\nOne is a short film called “Momo san”. It got an official selection to the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival 2017 and was screened at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The other one was a picture book called, “An Ass Named Jack”. It was put on sale at an Arts and crafts show in Toronto and sold out within an hour. Both of these projects were done using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Photoshop, Flash/Animate and After Effects). The Adobe suite is used in every studio that I have worked for so far. Although Flash/Animate is now being replaced by Toon Boom Harmony, their tool structures are fairly identical. So much so, that there is an option in the Harmony preferences to set the shortcut keys to that of Flash. \r\n\r\nAll this bragging is just a way for me to explain to you how much studying at KCSM has helped me in kick-starting my career. More importantly however, I feel that the institute has instilled in me a deep love for the work. You really must love what you are doing. Sitting in front of a computer for hours just to make sure if a particular motion or line is accurate would be very tedious if you didn’t.\r\n\r\nNo education is a sufficient substitute for experience. Education however, provides you with the tools and mind set to gain experience. And KCSM provides that.\r\nHappy learning everyone!!!\r\n\r\nSijy Varghese

Remya Krishnan

I am Remya Krishnan,working in Multimedia Faculty at Mavelikkara. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/

Sunith R

I am Sunith R,working in Graphic Designer at Muscut. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/


I amManu,working in Graphic Designer at Cochin. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/

Visnu Ramdas

I am Visnu Ramdas,working in Filim Editor at Trivandrum. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/

Mable T Baby

I am Mable T Baby,working in Graphic Gesigner at Mavelikkara. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/

Jenny K Jose

I am Jenny K Jose,working in CAD Designer at Kuwait. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/


I am Vishak,working in Graphic Designer at Muscut. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/

Ronish Varghese P

I am Ronish Varghese P, working in CAD Operator at Le-Merdian,Dubai. Thanks to Kerala Computer Saksharatha Mission/